The workshops are given in my beautiful spot in the countryside near Pressac. Each workshop has a theme related to inner growth and spirituality. Every workshop starts with a meditation. Then we will delve deeper into the theme. This will be a combination of theory, practice and discussion in a good atmosphere with like-minded people.


The workshops start at 10:30 am

and last about 4 hours.

Inclusive lunch, also vegan.

Costs are € 50 per person.

Workshops English spoken

Saterday 11 May - inspirational/automatic writing: for anyone who ever writes texts, both for business purposes, for example for your website or as a hobby. In this workshop you will learn how to write the best texts without thinking deeply.


Friday 12 July - trust your inner self: everyone knows that moment when you thought: if only I had listened to my feelings I would have made a better choice. This workshop is about intuition and how you can develop it more deeply.


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