Medium consultations

What a wonderful way of consulting I learned during the Therapeutic Mediumship and Therapeutic Trance Healing training at the Spiritual & Intuitive Academy. Years ago I already worked as a medium. I gave consultations and demonstrations in front of groups to share the messages of the deceased loved ones. It was wonderful to pass on the love from the afterlife, but... I had the experience and passed on what I heard, felt and saw.

I'm very excited! Now I work as an 'emotion specialist' from the spirit and with contact through soul attunement with spiritual guides or deceased loved ones, I let you experience for yourself what comes in the consultation.

We will first have a conversation to see what you want to get information about from the universe, then we will announce what you need at that moment. The origins of limiting beliefs and emotions emerge. This could be a situation in this life and/or in a past life. Deceased loved ones and/or your spiritual guide(s) can come by. You experience intensely what they come to tell you because you receive the messages yourself.
A situation in this life or a previous life may have caused a blockage that still bothers you (unconsciously). If there are blockages, we will release them during this consultation, so that there will be more space and flow in body and mind.

Many consultants tell me after the consultation that they feel free and enlightened. I would love to give you the same feeling and experience.

I live freely and happily in my beautiful place in the Pressac countryside. I cordially invite you for a consultation at my home. We can also make an appointment for a consultation at your home.


  • consultation at my place:  € 80,-
  • consultation at your place: € 80,-  and an extra 0,25 euro p/km

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