All my life I have felt 'different'. As a child, I didn't understand why adults said things that weren't in line with their inner self. I sensed this perfectly from a very young age. My intuition became stronger as I got older. I feel like people hid behind a mask and showed themselves in a way that was socially acceptable. I adapted to the 'normal world' as best I could. I did notice that my view of the world was different from that of most people around me.

I started to follow my feelings more and more and at the age of 45 I felt that the Spiritual Intuition workshop, for which I had registered, was the step towards change. And that was right! During this workshop I discovered that I can make contact with the energy of people and deceased people quite easily. I sought further depth by attending various workshops and training courses. I went to practice evenings with like-minded people, did consultations and gave mediumship demonstration evenings. For various reasons I left this behind and did not practice mediumship for eight years. Contact with the deceased and guides continued to exist, it's always there.


I wrote four books about my life and my experiences. My books were created by automatic writing. I wrote the three parts of the 'Rode Draad Trilogie' in three months. My spiritual guides helped me, all I had to do was make contact and run my fingers over the keyboard. Each time I was amazed by what I had written. It was a magical process. Because, in addition to my learning path in love relationships, my spiritual development was written down, my spiritual flame was rekindled.


The feeling of starting to work with the invisible world around us again became stronger and I went to the Mediumschip & Trance Healing Therapist training with medium Jaco Elken. I decided to start giving (online) consultations, circles, courses and workshops and to open my house and garden to people who want to participate in a spiritual/intuitive retreat in a small group or individually. Libre Retraites was born with this idea. Libre is the French word for free. Freedom is important to me and in my beautiful spot in Pressac I feel free. I would like to give this free feeling, and contact with mind-liked people, to my guests, with an in-depth understanding of spirituality.


  • Mediumschip & Trance Healing Therapist - Spiritual & Intuitive Academy, Toldijk, The Netherlands
  • Channeling, workshop - Crimson Circle, Louisville, USA
  • Walk into enlightenment, online annual training - MEK Productions, Sydney, Australia
  • NLP Practitioner, annual training - El Barko, Zwolle, The Netherlands
  • Mediumship, two-year course - Soulconsultancy, Harderwijk, The Netherlands
  • English Mediumship, various workshops - Zwanenhof, Zenderen, The Netherlands
  • Spiritual Intuition, workshop - Soulconsultancy, Harderwijk, The Netherlands

*Therapeutic Mediumship & Trance Healing is a collection of several well-known, widely respected therapies available through mediumship directly from the mind. Analysis and solutions immediately come together to provide the customer with great service. The unique method of Therapeutic Mediumship & Trance Healing is very adequate and effective.
*source: www.despiritueleacademie.nl